This is my why. I met Renee last summer, we exchanged Instagram handles. She came into my studio in the beginning of the new year and was so much fun to work with.

She left this amazing message in my private VIP group on Facebook, Beauty and Boudoir by Joslyn Crowl. Truly remarkable and spoken from the heart.

“I will comment on this for the ladies who are nervous, anxious, not sure about the budget, alllllllll the feels before pulling the trigger on booking. I have been looking for a photographer to do a boudoir shoot for myself for 3 years now. I started looking @ 29 because that was going to be my 30th bday present to myself… then I opened a business and it didn’t make sense to me at the time. But I KNEW I wanted to do it & I kept researching people in the Columbus area. I also talked to several girls & their response was either, “I’m so glad I did it” or “I wish I had done it before {enter life events}.” I had a budget of $1000-$1500 in mind for the shoot & pics. I saved up a little & also knew it was an investment. An investment for present and future self. I’m never going to be as young & “tight-faced” {haha} as I am now!! Also, how freaking cool will it be later in life to hear, “wow, mom/grandma/auntie {whatever I become} was a FOX back in the day!! ???” it’s a keepsake & I am a lover of all photos… anywhoooo…

Pre-Shoot: When I first talked to Joslyn, she was so understanding, kind and I felt she TRULY cared about what *I* wanted vs. trying to sell me on what she wanted me to buy. This was HUGE for me because I had met with 3 other boudoir photographers prior to Joslyn. The days leading up to and the day of the shoot, I was literally so nervous because 1. I’m very modest about clothing, being naked or partially naked in front of people & 2. Holy shit, I’ve never done this before.

During the shoot, Joslyn deserves all the credit for how the photos turned out… she moved my legs, told me where to turn my head, open your mouth, close your eyes, flip your hair, etc. Not only did she tell me how to look fantastic, most importantly, she made me FEEL amazing & sexy… that my friends, is something you CANNOT put a price on. I had so much fun during my shoot that I went from almost canceling because of nerves to being like, “we’re done already?!”

Reveal Day: I should let you know something before my next statement. I am not an emotional girl… i can count on one hand where I had that whole “tears of joy” feeling haha. Walking into Joslyn’s studio & seeing all of my pics displayed & the video of all my pictures with Joslyn was one of those few times I felt tears of joy happiness. I don’t even know if Joslyn caught the tear that slid down my cheek that day lol. The feeling seeing the work Joslyn put into the shoot & photos for YOU is an indescribable feeling. I ended up purchasing the biggest package (matted photos, big print & hard drive of pics) because at that point I didn’t give a shit how much it cost. I am not rich. I don’t have a lot of money saved up for things like this; however, it’s just like anything else we do in life. How big of a priority is it for you? If it’s up on your list, you’ll find a way to make it happen.

Women are typically selfless creatures. Always doing for others when we go without… so when was the last time you did something for yourself? “Pay yourself” if you will.
I am here to tell you, you will not be disappointed and this won’t be on your “regret” list later in life. Just do the damn thing ladies!!! You freaking deserve it. ❤️✨”

– Renee

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