Columbus Ohio Boudoir Photographer


You’re worth it

I was listening to a book on tape the other day while running. I stopped in my tracks and listened to this author’s words. While he was talking about it in a financial aspect in my head I flipped it. 

“If every time you ate at a restaurant you got food poisoning you wouldn’t go back, because it makes you feel sick and miserable.” 

So many of my inquires and clients have said to me and said …

“I don’t like my feet because my friend in 7th grade made fun of them.” “I don’t like my butt because my ex-husband uses to say it was flat.” “I don’t like teeth because someone called me a name one time…” “I don’t like my nose because so-and-so made fun of it..”  etc….

I can keep going with the years of self hate my clients have told me about themselves. I know you are thinking right now what people have said to you– you drank it down…

But what I realized that day running is every single one of us has eaten at a restaurant that gave us food poisoning- in our minds.

These people are not our friends, they are not our family they are not people we need in our lives. If they don’t bring you up and cheering for you they are poisoning you. Go to a different restaurant where the compliments run thick, the cheer squad is ready and willing to pump you up! 

I was asked the other day why I am different from all the other photographers? Because I spent too many years eating at the wrong restaurants and when I finally realized I was a 5-star restaurant I wanted everyone to come to eat with me too. 

Bullied, belittled, abused, the chronic illness I have lived it all and survived, and as hard as it is at times, I’ve had to love myself again, over and over again. Photographs are a way to mark the journey, to stand up and say I am worth it. I am worthy of the love I so freely give to everyone else, for myself. 

A boudoir session is sexy photos. But the steps to them, and after is so much more, it’s a big healthy meal of the right things to do and say to yourself. Take back your power, you’re worth it.

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