To feel sexy again

Whether it be time taking a toll on you, kids making you tired, busy work life. You name it, sometimes we just don’t feel sexy. You don’t have to feel sexy for someone else. You can feel sexy cleaning your kitchen alone on a Tuesday. It’s looking in the mirror back at yourself and going “I still got it” .  

A session will do just that! Bring your sexy back!


To find confidence again

The first time I ever did a boudoir session, I had won it in a contest for a local photographer I referred clients too. I wasn’t in the best places in life, at a job I didn’t like and my health was on the rocks. I had lot 40 pound but still had a ways to go. 

The confidence I gained from seeing myself through someone else eyes was just the jump start I needed. When I lost the rest of the weight, I went back again!  I had no idea I had lost so much of my confidence I once had, and I was so glad to have it back, all because of a photo shoot. 


To have time to themselves and be pampered

 When is the last time you did something for yourself? Soccer practice, PTA meetings, family reunions, work parties the list is long and somewhere at the bottom, their you are putting yourself last. A photo shoot is a fun time to do something for yourself, not just the day of the session but leading up to it. Having your hair done, a spray tan maybe, your nails painted, maybe even drinking a little more water than you neglect to do.  It is a great time to plan something and to look foward to for YOURSELF. 


To have professional photographs of themselves during certain periods/milestones in their life

In a world of cell phone cameras at our finger tips, it’s easy to snap some photos and go about our day. But, with a professional photo shoot its more than just some digital files chilling on your cell phone. It’s the right light, the right poses, the right camera angles, and editing. Its a quality image you will have long after that cell phone no longer makes calls. 




Divorce party

 This ones a fun one. These happen more often than you know. Men and Women. Some truth bombs are thrown around a time or two in a divorce party boudoir shoot. Throwing out old beliefs, past hurts, negative emotions, freeing yourself from the weight you carried for far too long. It’s really magical to watch what happens as the client falls in love right in front of you with themselves all over again.  


Weight loss journey

 You put in the work, the weeks, the months, the years. Food prepping, calorie counting, Early wake up calls, late night runs to the gym. Turning ice cream down on a bad day and closing the box on those donuts in the office break room and walking away. Celebrate with a photo shoot. The shoot can even be in your work out gear, your boxing gloves, your tennis racket, your golf clubs. Show case this miletstone and be proud of yourself for the work and goals you accomplished. 

Clients tend to book this session months in advance to help push a deadline. It’s  a great way to stay motivated. 



Birthday gift for themselves

 We love celebrating birthdays with you! Plan a head on this one and book it for the day of your session. You have your hair and make up done to go paint the town!  Celebrate your birthday- in your birthday suit! 



Revenge shoots (after a breakup)

 Nothing like a women scorned, or man for that matter. Cheated on, heartbroken, broken up over a text message after a 10 year marriage. Left for someone younger. The list is long of the stories I have told but these sessions are FIRE. Coming into the studio ready to love themselves again and move on and a little teaser of what they let go is always fun to dangle in there face as they swipe right to a new relationship. 



Bucket List

The good old bucket list. The things you want to to do before a certian age or before you die, or before you get married, before you have kids. Some have a few, some have dozens but somewhere a lot of peoples list is be photographed nude. It’s sensual. It’s spicy. It’s adventurous. 



To say they did it once! (These clients always come back ?)

 A dare, a wish, a push, a “oh my gosh did I really do that?”  To look back on a younger time to say “Yeah I did that!”. 



Cancer survivor or other life-threatening illness. 

We meet a lot of survivors. The badass women that have beat the odds. There bodies transformed right in front of them and they came out on the other side as a warrior. They apperiate the body they have, the skin they are in. The scars they wear. The life they won back. 



Fitness goals

Entering a pro fitness competition, running a marathon, or a triathlon, bikni competetion, or the like. A session is a great way to to remember your achievements and the work you put into the process.   




Birthday gift for significant others 

A sexy little black book is a great gift for your significant other to celebrate a birthday! A lot of our clients love given a album right before they celebrate the hubby’s 40th or 50th birthday! The look we still got it is a great way to given him the gift of you all over again! 





Pushes them out of a comfort zone

 This one is self explanatory. Doing a boudoir session can most certianly push you out of your comfort zone!



Soul searching

Coming out of depression, a breakup, a new marriage, life after empty nest, a death of a spouse. The list is long, really long, of why someone would be doing some soul searching.  Clients that have lost a child, or a job, or life in menapause. So many reasons to come in the studio an embrase the experince, have some fun being pampered and show a little more of your sexyier side. 



Just because they want to.

 You really don’t have to have a reason, you can just want to have a fun time! 



Because your friends have done it. 

I know the saying goes would you jump off a bridge if your friends did it?” But lets be honest, we do a lot of things because our friends do it. Concerts, going to the pool, happy hours, buying expensive shoes. But its a great way to bond with your girlfriends too. Its like a little kept secret of how much fun a shoot can be and you can talk to each other about your expeirences. 




Because it is just fun.




Wedding Anniversary 




For a wedding gift for S/O

 These sessions make the perfect gift for your spouse on your wedding day. Something they can look back on decades to come and say, “This was my bride, my forever bride!”  Just before walking down the isle the gifts are exchange and he is even more excited to marry you!



Want photos to look at when feeling down on yourself

 This can actually work with any of the other 24 reasons too. Have a bad day, pull out your album. Hard on yourself? Pull out your album. Feeling a little uncomfortable after the cupcakes you ate? Pull our your album.  Ageing getting to you? Pull out your album. It is a great way to look back and celebrate you all over again!



Trying to get pregnant, or are pregnant 

With infertility rate higher than it ever has been we have a lot of clients that will try anything to bring some magic into creating a child. They do a session to love there body and to give it to there spouse and make a connection again to help the fertility along. It is also a great time to do one when you are pregnant at any time to showcase the beauty of the child growing inside of you! 



Because they deserve it

 You do. Promise.



 They love playing dress up. 

We have shoes, and jewelry and outfits and furs and so many fun things to get dolled up in! Bring your own outfits and dance around to music and let the fan blow in your hair and lets laugh and have some fun. Let go of your trouble, and throw cares away and just have some good fun being gorgeous. 



 Today you are as young as you will ever be. 

This one is the kicker. You don’t have to have a reason other than this is the one life you get. You are only as young today as you will ever be. Don’t have regrets and do the things that set your soul on fire. 




Your Favorite Photographer, Joslyn Crowl 

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