I met Ms. B 3 years ago. I received a phone call as the year started and she said do you have an opening in March? I would like to do a boudoir session. She was going through a breakup and caring for the little boy she wanted to do something for her self help find her confidence again. 

She was hooked. The following year she called periodically and put money down towards another session and album. She got to experience another photoshoot in our new studio at the time just after the grand opening. Another pampering experience for her. We have a conversation jar in the beauty salon that has a ton of questions. “Have you ever flown” “What is your greatest fear” “Who is your inspiration?” etc. So many great questions that helped calm her nerves while her hair and makeup were done. 

Now this year she has completed her third photo shoot! No nerves this time. She is a pro!

After her music video at her reveal she turned to me and said “I can’t wait to do it again next year!’

Here is the layout of her gorgeous album!

Make sure you make time for yourself.

You’re worth it. Promise.


She has already set up her 4th shoot for 2020.