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As much as I am in the public eye- I am a very private person, publishing my book still causes me a bit of a flip in my stomach knowing I shared so much of myself for people to read. Today I am going to share a little bit of vulnerability of words that have been spinning in my mind for some time.In 2019 the craze started to “niche down” with your business. Honestly, the term makes me cringe. But I thought that is what I needed to do. 2019 was one of the worst years of my life and I felt the change would be good. I have never really been one to go with the crowd, but on this one I did. And I regret it. I stopped promoting family, senior, headshots, maternity, and other sessions and focused more on the boudoir because my clients felt/feel so conformable with me. While I still offered those other sessions, they didn’t get the attention anymore. I started to become known as a boudoir photographer. The whole objective of “niching down” worked, I guess. I miss the other types of photography though.

Then we all know what happened in 2020. I was on a boat out in the ocean (metaphorically). Praying through the forced (temporary) closure (mandates) of my business with little to no help; that I would survive all by myself. Then social media censorship came in like a hurricane. I had experience warnings for boudoir images but I was put in “FB jail” for a whole year. While I could post some things I had lots of restrictions still and wasn’t able to use my business pages to promote my businesses. My page views dropped to 10-15 views when I have thousands of followers.

I am still getting flagged for “$e# Suggestive Content”. Just the other day I had an image flagged from 2016, 2020, and 2021. It’s an ongoing problem. I have had to remove 95% of my boudoir images from IG. I can’t post any of them on Tiktok and FB is pretty much a no on any. While I believe my images are tasteful, classy, and ultra-vanilla I don’t want to fight big tech anymore, and I certainly don’t want to lose my accounts, at this point they are all in danger of being removed.

Among the gross DM I get from “men”, the comments about “she has too much on, where can I see the rest of her nude.” and all the other things you couldn’t even imagine that fill my inboxes, and DMs, and stats. Oh, and my favorite. “You take great boudoir photos can I take you on a date sometime.” No little man, you cannot. {throws up in my mouth a little}

The self-hate people feel has taken a toll on me mentally because I cannot convince someone they are beautiful just the way they are. Years of hearing people talk bad about parts of themselves and then I go home and look in the mirror and see the thing they talk badly about and still try to love all the parts of me, I have been fighting a battle of my own self-hate and that isn’t me at all.

If it weren’t for my business, I probably wouldn’t even have social media, but my business is my life, and my only source of income. So instead of trying to paddle against the waves, I am going to start riding the waves. And as one of my favorite TV shows, Friends would say… time to PIVOT.

Earlier this year my aunt, who I am close to, was diagnosed with dementia, overnight. While I argue it has to do with “c-dI9”, I am not a doctor. Her life was uprooted and moved closer to my family many states away. Reading the pages of information about short-term memory loss, every page says… “Show them photographs.” It helps them remember. These words weigh on me because for 22 years, I have been a photographer and in the last couple I have felt that slip away and it seemed to have turned $e#ual in nature, and that’s not why I became a photographer.

I want to document life. I want to, and I want other people to share my images with pride. (not land them in Facebook jail…. To be able to look back on them and trigger fun memories and milestones. To hang them up in living rooms and dining rooms and make them the Facebook cover page photo. To not hear “you shoot p4on” constantly, because I know I don’t. I want to get back to being the portrait photographer I once was. My soul is tied. Maybe I need a hug or two, being a business owner is lonely and so much goes on that people don’t know about.

In the last month, I have made some drastic changes to my business, and my websites, and feeling so much better about my decisions. Boudoir images will mainly be shared on my website now and are age-restricted as I am still going to be offering them!

I will also be offering Personal Branding, Portraits, Family, Maternity, Senior, and Headshots again and now. Sharing photos over the last week of branding photos alone gave my soul so much peace. I am not really one that likes change, but I am welcoming this one with open arms.

I appreciate your understanding while our business transitions back into a Portrait Studio. We welcome any questions you may have. We invite you to check our website and welcome feedback. We have updated our website, prices, sessions offered, and our hours.


We love our clients and what we do and we want to continue to.

We would love to get you booked in!

All my best,Joslyn

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