“I just finished my 2nd reveal with Joslyn today.  I still can’t believe I did it the first time, let alone a 2nd.  Body image has been something I’ve struggled with, well basically forever.  I’m never the right size or toned enough or pretty enough.  The only reason I did it the 1st time was because my husband is so hard to buy gifts for and I knew that he would NEVER see this one coming.  I was so right!  When I gave him the 1st album, he was shocked and that made my heart happy, but little did I know going into it how much it would do for me. 

Since my husband is an artist, I knew I couldn’t have pictures taken by just anyone.  I needed a professional.  Someone that had an eye for it because I am definitely not an artistic person but he teaches photography and would know if it was quality work.  I had admired Joslyn’s work from afar and all the beautiful women that she photographed but never dreamed I’d be in front of her camera.  When the time came to bite the bullet, I knew she was the professional photographer I needed. 
One that knew the right poses, lighting, and style to make an insecure woman feel good.  She did all that and more.  I had my hair and makeup done for the 1st shoot bc I figured if I was going to do this CRAZY thing, I wanted to go all out!  I was so nervous but she made me laugh.  I was self-conscious but she made me feel beautiful. Honestly,  I don’t even stand that close to naked in front of my hubby so you have to trust the person behind the camera. Haha. 

The end product was presented so professionally and I can’t imagine having done this with anyone else.  Enter session 2 a couple of years later…I showed up with my (unloaded of course) gun because my husband had gotten it for my birthday and I knew that a “sexy” picture with it would again surprise him. 

It was so much fun the 2nd time. 

My “one word” for 2019 is CONFIDENCE and I knew doing another session with Joslyn would challenge me but also give me a boost of confidence.  She helps me see someone that I don’t normally see when I look in the mirror.  Although I feel all sorts of emotions during the shoot and the reveal, the most prominent feeling is of a higher state of confidence. 

I’ll be back for more, there’s no doubt.  If you haven’t had professional photos taken of yourself before, you HAVE to book a session with Joslyn.  I would have never dreamed that I would, yet here I am going back for more.  Dive in.  I did and it has done more for me that I ever could have imagined. 

You are worth the investment.  You are just plain worth it.  Let Joslyn show you just how beautiful you are!”   

 – Mrs. A

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