Build your small business and its success with Square, a leading payment processing solution. Joslyn Crowl Photographer has used Square for 8+ years and highly recommends them.

Square offers many features, including comprehensive reporting, invoicing, appointment scheduling, detailed tax information, and much more. Sign up today using this exclusive link and receive $1,000 in free sales processing for 180 days. Join the countless businesses that have trusted Square to drive their success

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Shop Amazon Favorites

Joslyn Crowl became an Amazon Influencer in 2017. She has used Amazon to purchase so much for her business and photography studio. 

You can find so many amazing products in this link that you just may need, not just for your business but your life and adventures. 

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Starting an Etsy Shop?

Etsy is a great place to start an online store. You can get the first 40 listings free (20 cents a listing) free!

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Looking to do Print on Demand?

Printify is a great resource for your POD business, sign up with our link!

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Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile (You may have heard Ryan Reynolds talking about this) We switched and never looked back. We also saved over $300 a year on a cell phone plan. Simple and fun cell service that runs on TMobile Towers. 

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Are you a photographer who is always on the go? Or anyone, for that matter!

Check out this free app that gets you cash back on gas, restaurants, and other errands!

No cost and easy to use. Click this link or use promo code XK33B to get an extra 15¢/gal bonus the first time you purchase.

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Need Website Hosting?

Siteground is a great place to host your website!

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CRM for Photographers

Are you looking to automate your workflow a little bit more to give yourself more shooting and editing time? Try this company out!


This is a great feature to add to your email – GMAIL. This helps you schedule out emails on different times and dates and track your emails as well as create pipelines

Use this link, and you will earn an additional 100 boxes and 20 mail merge emails per day when  you install Streak

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Canva is a great resource for creating eye-catching content.

When you join CANVA with this Affiliate link, you and I both earn a Canva credit that earns us free elements! They have a paid and unpaid plan.


No discount codes here, but this program is amazing for those like me with dyslexia or other spelling issues. It has a FREE and paid version. The paid version is great!

Works on desktop and mobile.