The Seventeenth Chapter

By Joslyn Crowl

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The Seventeenth Chapter

A Journey of Turning Pain into Power

From the battle with stage 4 endometriosis, several surgeries, dyslexia struggles, and reaching the lowest point to finding courage and rising again, Joslyn Crowl has a compelling story in store for you!

“The Seventeenth Chapter” contains amazing stories and life-altering experiences from the author’s life. Comprised of 16 beautiful chapters, this autobiography book will take you on an engrossing and motivational journey.

 Within this book, you will find:

137 Pages: Chockfull of raw pain and self-love, weakness and empowerment, gratitude, spiritual connection, and inspiration to embrace your true self!

 Written by: Joslyn Crowl – A Survivor and Writer

 Inspired by: True stories from the author’s life

 Beginning with the story of how she overcame endometriosis and the loss of her fertility at age 30, and then faced extensive facial reconstruction and identity retraining, this motivational book is a tale to remind readers to never give up on their goals!  

With courage, strength, and faith, Joslyn faced and overcame every challenge and found herself at the doorstep of self-discovery and gratitude. She found the law of attraction and a greater relationship with God, which led to a transformation in her view on life and the establishment of a successful business.

Every chapter is a story in itself. Every chapter of trial and adversity in her life gradually leads to the final chapter, the upcoming, the next, the unseen future; “The Seventeenth Chapter.”

Read this self-confidence book for women and men to find the seventeenth chapter of your own life!

A Token of Love

For readers of all ages and genders, this is a survival story with lessons of bravery and self-assurance. Share this inspirational book as a women empowerment gift with the superwomen in your life who inspire you to be the best you can be.

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Joslyn Crowl is a professional photographer and mentor in Columbus, Ohio. She offers a variety of mentoring sessions and photoshoots!

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