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$99 Boudoir Session Special 

An experience designed to celebrate your unique beauty and empower your confidence. For a limited time, indulge in this special offer for only $99, which includes four outfit changes, a fully guided session, and special products and prices for this special only.

Pack a bag and grab some of your favorite items that make you feel sexy, whether that is a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, or a full lingerie set and book your session now. 

Approximately 1 to 2 weeks after your session you will come back for a reveal and purchase session to choose which collection to purchase. We do accept Square AfterPay and Paypal Credit, Cash, Zelle and All Major Credit Cards. 

Your session will take place when you choose between now and March 1, 2024 at our Columbus, Ohio studio. This is our last year in this studio location and we want to photograph as many amazing ladies as we can this year!

You can add on hair and makeup with Jess Jay Beauty for $150. We adore Jess and LOVE her work.  Select add-on hair and makeup at check out. 

Whether you’re celebrating a personal milestone,  a special gift for a significant other or simply desire to embrace and appreciate your own intimate beauty, our Boudoir Photo Shoot Special is the ideal opportunity.

Embrace your self-love and feel glamorous in a boudoir photo shoot with so many different set options!


Joslyn is amazing! She’s so easy to talk to and will take every body image issue you have of yourself and just smash it to pieces. If you want to look at boudoir (or anything else) stop here and work with Joslyn. You will come out feeling amazing

- Amber

We have gorgeous albums if you choose to upgrade and purchase an album! We have 12×12, 8×10, 6×9 and 5×7 sizes available. Or stick with the book collections seen here!


Your Photographer

Hi! I am Joslyn, an international award-winning photographer with over 23 years of experience, in business for 14 years and 9 years of boudoir photography experience. 

I am also a mentor, published author, podcast host, and Amazon influencer. All that means is that I love what I do and love helping others follow their dreams.  I am a stage 4 endometriosis survivor, and it turned my life upside down it ended with the loss of my reproductive organs my  dream of having children one day. My body has been through a lot, 17 surgeries and so much more. I had to fight for who I am and to stay alive and chase my dream. The ever-growing dream. All of this gave me a super power though.

I see the world differently now as I know tomorrow is never promised and we have to embrace what we have when we have it. While you do not have to be in love with every inch of you, you can be in love with the little things about yourself that make you, you.  I can find gratitude in the simplest things and see the beauty in people. 

I love capturing that in a photograph. 






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