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Boudoir Session

This client was so fun to work with, she booked a session for someone special in her life and for herself! She chose some detailed outfits that she knew he would like. She went through our work and found favorite sets she liked so we had an idea of what she wanted the day of her session.

Our studio makeup artist Jess Jay did her hair and makeup and she looks so gorgeous! The day of her reveal she brought her boyfriend to the reveal so he could also pick out his favorites with her! It was such a fun session!

“Joslyn was an INCREDIBLE boudoir photographer! I have never done boudoir before and was super nervous when I got to the studio. I got my makeup/hair done and felt pampered, and Joslyn was there the whole time to chat through the process and also just talk and get to know her so I’d be less nervous! Joslyn is super chatty and friendly, so I felt at ease by the time we started. Then, once the shoot was happening, Joslyn was so professional and great at directing me with poses. We got through 3 different outfits in a quick timeline.
The photos turned out fabulous, and we spent 1+ hour during the image reveal choosing which ones we wanted. There were so many great photos, so it was difficult to choose. Joslyn also threw in a couple of free photos, which I was so grateful for. I am already planning another session soon!
If you do boudoir, make sure to stretch and drink lots of water afterwards–you’ll be pretty sore since you’re using muscles you don’t normally use in a pose for about .”

- Our Client

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