Self Defense Class with Chelsea LaGrasse

Self Defense Class with Chelsea LaGrasse

Self Defense Group Class

Group class on self defense for women and children 10 yrs+ with MMA fighters and Trainer Chelsea LaGrasse. This class works with any level of fitness.

This class will focus on:

  • Situational awareness & using your voice
  • De-escalation techniques
  • How to be a hard target
  • What weapons you should carry for safety
  • Learning strikes that are the most ideal for self-defense
  • Escape techniques for common attacks
  • How to use your phone/apps for safety¬†

This class will be taught at Joslyn Crowl Photography studio off South Old State 2 miles west of the Polaris Mall. This class level is good for any fitness level, dress comfortable! You must pay and register before the event, it is non refundable but you can transfer to another person. We currently have 2 dates selected. Future dates may be added. Water and cookies will be provided after.


If you are bringing a child (10+) or friend each will need to be registered to purchase a spot. $10 per person.

*We are anticipating that these dates will sell out very fast. If you are unable to attend and interested please let us know some dates so we can gather info for future dates.


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