I started photography over 20 years ago. I started a business 12 years ago out of all the things I photograph the most rewarding is photography women.

I have done every genre of photography except posed newborn and switched to boudoir several years ago, and boudoir is full of challenges! Women are SO hard on themselves but when there face lights up at how beautiful they see themselves-when tears roll down there checks because they know they look just as beautiful as any other woman on the front of a magazine, or tv show or whoever.

They forget the name calling there ex us to say to them. The shitty things their mother said to them as they grew up. The mean names the kids said to them in school. The “whatever” that took that self-love away from them, just disappears.

They see themselves as they SHOULD see themselves. Beautiful human creatures, learning to love themselves in a world that is hard to do. They see themselves and the battles they have won, they see themselves how the people in their life that love them see them.

Can they do this with clothes on too? Sure we can do that, but something so simple and pure and feeling sexy and unstoppable takes the cake.

Today my little group here on Facebook hit over 2k members. Inspire, cheer each other on, getting to known each other, funny memes, questions you name it its not just about photography here, its about beautiful badass women coming together to lift each other up.

Ladies, I invite you to join, if you don’t like it then leave but we would love for you to come on in and have a seat and stay awhile. 

Beautiful Badass Club

Beautiful Badass Club


About 10 years ago my health declined rapidly, I got really sick and put on about 80 pounds in 5 months. My life has never been the same. I went on a roller coaster of bullshit, doctors’ appointments, and just a cluster fuck of annoying stories. I then did my own research on PCOS and Endometriosis and dropped 100 pounds in 1 year by changing my life and what I ate. I wanted so badly to feel good and my body was working so hard to tell me to no.

Then 8 years ago, I lost my left ovary.

Then 7 years ago I had a full hysterectomy and joined the life of menopause now.

Then 5 years ago I had sinus reconstruction surgery then weeks later I had nose reconstruction surgery.

Then 4 years ago I went septic and lost my gall bladder.

Then 3 years ago I got stomach ulcers from years of pain medications and was hospitalized several times. Now with ongoing issues from them.

Then 2 years ago I was diagnosed with asthma and a long list of allergies to the environment, and food.

I tear up typing this. I have a long list of WTF is happening and somewhere between A and B, I got dizzy. HA!

One of these days I will get my book written because I have a big story to tell.

Yet, here I am with a HUGE GORGEOUS Photography studio for almost the 3rd year. And over 5 years of being a full-time photographer. I have photographed 100’s of women. I have won awards worldwide, published a Gratitude Journal.

I show women that they are beautiful badasses! I cheer people on whenever I can, I try and chase my dreams- they are really big. I want to inspire and motivate others to get the fuck back up!

Each click of my camera shutter captures something for each one of my clients. The stories inside them they may not be ready to tell. The scars that they don’t usually show. The beauty that they know is in there. The journey of this thing called LIFE. I sit and think if it weren’t for that long journey over the last decade I am not sure if I could do my job so great. I use to be a wedding photographer- I use to do other types of photography, but capturing the human body and what we can do with our lives. That is where the fire within me lies.

This is the first photo I have ever taken that I like that shows my hysterectomy scar. That line is a daily reminder of the 13-year war I fought with myself, and the children I never got to have. I will love my body at every stage, I will listen to my body and I will always strive for better. One day at a time.

I am so proud of my body and the things it has fought and WON. I want so much to capture you, to show you how beautiful and a badass you are. I will be changing the group name for now too because that is what we all are and even if I don’t photograph you, I want you to have a space that you feel that way and can come and be loved and welcome with this group. 


Your favorite photographer


Studio Updates

Studio Updates


Hello, there! 

We have been busy! We thought we would send out an email and tell you a little bit about what has been happening at the studio. With the downtime, we had been closed for 3 months from the Shelter in Place we had a lot of time to plan and re-design our studio for some even more magic for our clients. 

We truly want our clients to have the best photoshoot experience they could ever dream of having. As we head into our typical busy season we have changed things up a bit to follow the guidelines and recommendations for everyone’s safety. It’s actually been a huge blessing because our clients and myself have been loving it! 

  • Session WITH or WITHOUT hair and makeup applications
  • Same day reveal and purchase sessions
  • Dropshipped client orders, to receive within a week of the session
  • Added in additional product /collection options

We are also adding on framed wall prints so you don’t have to run to the store to buy frames. They will come to you, mounted, framed, and ready to hang with your choice of frame options with museum glass.

The front room in the studio has had a makeover several times in the last (almost) 3 years and this is by far my favorite one yet. It is so cozy and inviting and makes for some epic shots! Don’t worry, we still have the bed… we just moved it…


We moved the bed to the back room with some gorgeous natural window light pouring into an all-white setting for a classy and moody look. 

We added in an office. We are doing the same day reveals now. This means after your photos shoot I get to work while you run to grab lunch or have it delivered here, or can bring food. While you wait in our reveal room I process your photos for you to choose your favorites for your albums and wall art!


We are a little obsessed with this room. It is so cozy! You can wait in here while we process your images, shop our studio boutique, and check out our sample photos. Charge your phone or ask Alexia to play your favorite music


Once the photos are processed it is time for you to choose your favorite for your album, wall art, and digitals. Be sure to purchase one of our beautiful badass shirts too because that is exactly what you will feel like when you leave! 

This shirt design is one of several I created but was voted on as the favorite by our amazing beautiful badass ladies in our Facebook group! You should join is you haven’t already! 


Our studio boutique got a makeover, and we are currently updating our website store with the items! Until then just hit respond and we can place an order that way for you. 

Gratitude Journals with pen $13 
Beautiful Badass T-shirts $20
Branded 12 oz Tumblers $23
Printed wall art 11×14 varies 
The Giving Plate $20.00 

Shipping includes. At this time the Giving Plates are not able to be shipped. 

Miss DeSire

Miss DeSire

5 years during a Gallery Hop in the Short North I saw this gorgeous woman and flagged her down and asked if I could photograph her. 

We became friends and I have since photographed her 7 times! My most photographed beauty. 

She is a warrior. Chrons Disease Advocate for herself and others suffering. She participates in so many different community activities and she is super talented! She made her sweater in these photos! 

Gorgeous bombshell is a sweetheart inside and out! 


60 Is the New Sexy

60 Is the New Sexy

A day of pampering. 

Shut the cell phone off. Get your hair and makeup done in our Studio Salon. Full photo session posed to perfection. Feeling fabulous you head out of the studio to go have a fun day for yourself. 

When you return the studio about a week later, something happens between then. You get a whole different kind of nervous. An excited nervous and anticipation. 

So many of our clients become emotional at our reveal sessions. It is our favorite part. Not that we made you cry happy tears, but that you SEE it. That you, yes YOU. are so ficken amazing. 

It doesn’t matter the age. She is rocking her session at 60, you can rock yours at 40, at 80. I don’t make you pass an age test to book. 

Fabulous at 60.

Amazon Prime Day 2019

Amazon Prime Day 2019

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