Diary of a newbie boudoir photo shoot…

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Diary of a newbie boudoir photo shoot…

“I am a 61-year-old woman, married for 38 years with 4 grown children and 13 grandchildren (what lesser of a candidate than me right)? Here is a snippet of my journey:

One day I am scrolling through my FB feed and I see this thing of a half-naked woman on my feed advertising a photo shoot and I think two things: HOW did that get on my feed and WOW that’s a tasteful picture. So I “like” it and start seeing more. As time goes on, I click onto the page and like that as well. I find myself then stalking the page all the while wishing I had done this kind of a shoot back when I was young and prettier. (SIGH) I also get a sneak peek at the pricing schedules and “gasp” knowing that couldn’t happen with my budget as it is now. More important things to do with money now that retirement is looming ahead…

But then Joslyn does an FB contest for all her followers — to the person with the most interaction on her page. I am IN! I could win! And I liked, commented, emoji and shared every single thing on that page for a month! Well, I won! GASP! Oh boy, now you’ve gone it done it sherry — let’s see how you back out of it now! 

So I get my prize details and sit on it and sit on it and wait and wait till another 10 days go by. I had asked for a price list and misread it thinking I could buy JUST the add-ons (and with my prize came a credit toward photos) but I didn’t realize till later that wasn’t the case. It didn’t matter because surely I would only come up with one or two pictures that I would like anyway (being the old critical woman that I am) LOL

Finally, I call and I get an answering machine (privately I am so relieved thinking maybe she won’t call me back) but of course she does. We talk and talk and we connect so well on the phone. Joslyn made all my fears melt away. I had way too many questions and dare I say even demanded some things (got to Photoshop my cellulite, I didn’t like my belly showing, it must be tasteful for an older lady and on and on….) We made an appointment — she had one for the next week but an I excitedly took a later one (that way I would have time to bail) should I change my mind.

STRESS: what do I wear? Where do I buy it? What about accessories? Shoes? What’s a good color on me/ IDK anything about this venture I’m on…really I’m at a loss.
Then comes the day

I manage to hide everything in my car (including hubby guitar) and call off work to go to my first ever photo shoot. I eat light (don’t want gas but have to eat something cause I feel lightheaded and nauseous)
Makeup is first: she is just delightful so down to earth and walks me through everything while she was doing it. She made me up without making me look like someone I’m not and I feel so exotic! The hair cascades loosely and makes me feel and look ten years younger. I feel sassy.

Then we start looking at my outfits.

I bring 5 cause idk what’s going to work best BUT Joslyn knows right off – she picks three and we get started. And here we go….chin up, eyes down, arms this way, fingers lose, points your toes — breath– let’s adjust that ring to show….open your eyes, close your eyes, pout your lips (NO not duck lips) pop booty out — more pop in that booty, please! LOL, but they don’t feel like orders and you don’t feel scolded because interspersed in all of it are words of encouragement lime “Beautiful! Stunning! Oh, you are not going to believe that’s you!”

And before you know it you’ve been in three different rooms in three different outfits and 100 various poses…..so much so that when she asked me at the end was there any poses I could think of we hadn’t done and here is this 61 year old grandma saying “I want to get naked and cover my lady parts with this guitar” and she doesn’t miss a beat and steps out while I get positioned….and I’m there like “wow, who would’ve expected I would come up with that idea”

Afterward, I float around town doing a little shopping and a light lunch and I want the feeling to stay with me…..but I have to wipe off the makeup and get the smile off my face to act like I’ve been at work before I go home……but the experience stays with me for the whole next week. And it makes me feel special, no more than that, it makes me feel alive again! And I recognize that it was more for ME than it ever was for my husband…..

I have my product now and I nearly cried…

It’s an amazing journey! It is still way too much money for my normal budget but I would do it again in a heartbeat. I have no regrets EXCEPT that I let my self-doubt self-defeating talk get in my way. I am worth it — and who knows maybe I will become Joslyn’s oldest client yet!

PLEASE, LADIES – DO THIS! You are so worth it!”

-Mrs. O.

On Christmas day she sent me a message her husband CRIED. Do this for yourself ladies!  
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