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22 years ago I received my first film camera, I knew at a young age I loved doing photography. 14 years ago I started a business (with a digital camera) I have offered several types of photography genres and landed in empowering women through boudoir, maternity, and headshot sessions.

I expanded my photography business to full-time 7 years ago and added in photography mentoring 6 years ago. I love helping photographers and other small businesses turn their dreams into a plan. 

We offer 1 on 1 photography mentoring here at our Columbus, Ohio Photography studio as well as via online video. We offer digital download guides, PDF and video photography tutorials.

What do you want to learn?

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We’ve had photographers come from out of state, photographers on zoom calls, photographers in our studio, all at different levels and all ready to take there photography and/or business to the next level.  

I can’t express this enough, there are no two photographers that are exactly the same. There gear, lenses and knowledge is different.  We could give the same gear to two people and you would still get a different result in the photograph. Are they tall, are they short, do they get closer, do they get further away, do they use studio lights, or all natural. YOU are the photographer, and no one is like you. 

The same goes with learning. There is no one size fits all learning, we offer 1 on 1 mentoring for just that! Want to learn how to get out of auto, posing boudoir clients, editing your photos in photoshop or lightroom, we would love to help! 

We were once just as confused as you with big dreams putting one foot in front of the other. Once I realize I did not have to do everything on my own it got much easier learning from others. This is something that never stops! 

We would love to help you not feel so alone too! It takes some work but I believe in you and support you chasing your dreams! 

– Joslyn Crowl



Mentoring & Business Coaching

Do you love photography but don’t know where to start?

  • Don’t know how to get out of Auto on your DSLR?
  • You have taken the photos but you don’t know how to get them edited?
  • Don’t know how to price yourself for success?
  • Don’t know how to light or pose a client?
  • Don’t know where to start with SEO on your website? 
  • Don’t know how to do something else?

We would love to help! Being a full-time photographer has taught me so much and when I started so many years ago, I searched for hours and read so many blogs, and watched so many YouTube videos.

Contact us directly or shop our tutorials and courses. If there is a topic you want to see a tutorial on let us know! 


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There are great apps out there that make running a business so much easier. While I have tried some and didn’t like them, I have tried some that I love, and here is a list of them!

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