For many years I dreamed of this day. To have a place where the magic can be created. To dream up any photos session possible. 

It is here. A dream come true. 

In November when I signed the lease to this 1250 square foot studio the butterflies in my stomach were so still, but my hands had a jitter. “Can this really be happening”. I handed over the largest check I have ever written for my deposit and waited impatiently as the days passed until I got the keys. 

This space was created in my visions and dreams before it ever became a reality. The wall colors, the dressing room, the wardrobe, the photos on the walls, each thing having its own place. The sparkles and tulle and backdrops, all put together perfectly. 

The day has arrived to celebrate a dream come true and the magic that will happen inside these walls. 

With a private ribbon ceremony, and a prayer and blessing spoke over my studio by my aunt Beverly, and my proud parents by my side I cut the black ribbon to the front door that many will walk through and be apart of a dream come true. The open house was an amazing turn out, the clients, friends, and family that came and helped celebrate was magical!

I am grateful for all who have believed in me, and those that haven’t. They all have lead me here. 

Joslyn Crowl Photography studio at 8901 Commerce Loop Drive Columbus Ohio is officially open for business! 


With light & love, 

Joslyn Crowl, Photographer & Mentor