How a Boudoir Session can heal you and make you fall in love with yourself

To the average eye looking at boudoir photographs, some think many things like

She is beautiful.

There is no way I could ever do that.

That is out of my comfort zone.

I want to do a session!

I want to do a session, but I would never look like that

I wish I were that confident.

But I must be honest. Never once has anyone ever walked in front of my camera loving every inch of themselves. Never once in 20 years has anyone ever said, “I love everything about myself”.  Not every client is confident, not every client loves themselves. Not every client ever thought she could get in front of my camera.

I have been doing this for so long I forget what it’s like on the other side looking in. You do not get to hear the stories the clients share. The tears they hold back as they tell me how they forgot what it felt like to feel beautiful. You do not see them squeal when they see the images after their session!

Because Big Tech has been censoring me for years, I do not get to share as many images as I would like to on social media or even on google. The raw emotion of women, loving themselves. Scars and all.

Yes, we do sessions for wedding gifts for your significant other on your wedding day. Anniversary gifts, birthday gifts.  Birthday milestone celebrations. But we also do them for divorces, or eating disorders, for domestic violence, and rape.

At the end of the day, you see a stunning photo of a woman, I see a beautiful badass.

At our studio, we want to photograph you. We do not put a big focus on outfits, because it is not about that. Even just a sheet will do. It is about being comfortable at the level you want to be. To feel beautiful and fall in love with yourself again, or even more.

To do something for yourself, or for someone you love, even if that is yourself.


Joslyn Crowl

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