I started photography over 20 years ago. I started a business 12 years ago out of all the things I photograph the most rewarding is photography women.

I have done every genre of photography except posed newborn and switched to boudoir several years ago, and boudoir is full of challenges! Women are SO hard on themselves but when there face lights up at how beautiful they see themselves-when tears roll down there checks because they know they look just as beautiful as any other woman on the front of a magazine, or tv show or whoever.

They forget the name calling there ex us to say to them. The shitty things their mother said to them as they grew up. The mean names the kids said to them in school. The “whatever” that took that self-love away from them, just disappears.

They see themselves as they SHOULD see themselves. Beautiful human creatures, learning to love themselves in a world that is hard to do. They see themselves and the battles they have won, they see themselves how the people in their life that love them see them.

Can they do this with clothes on too? Sure we can do that, but something so simple and pure and feeling sexy and unstoppable takes the cake.

Today my little group here on Facebook hit over 2k members. Inspire, cheer each other on, getting to known each other, funny memes, questions you name it its not just about photography here, its about beautiful badass women coming together to lift each other up.

Ladies, I invite you to join, if you don’t like it then leave but we would love for you to come on in and have a seat and stay awhile.