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15 years ago when I started into the world of photography and graphic design in my stubbornness I thought for sure, I could do it all on my own. That I didn't need anyone else to help me.

It was like riding down a gravel dirt country road on a skateboard with no map. Yes, I did my own thing and it was fun but I didn't get far.  I still worked full time and did my photography on the side. I had worked in 3 other studios through the years and each time learned more and more.

I then started looking for other photographers that were like minded and had the same dream of being a full-time photographer.  It started to feel like taking a jet with a pilot.

It is much easier to be around people who you understand and they understand you. In the spring of 2015, I read a quote "Be the person you wish you had when you were younger." It sat well with me and I started mentoring.

Life behind the Lens with Joslyn Crowl was created. A place for photographers- anyone with a passion, a desire, a curiosity for photography. Whether it be for personal use or to turn it into a career.

A positive group for photographers that love helping other creative entrepreneurs and photographers grow and be inspired as an artist. I created this group to help others have a place to come at any skill set in their photography or their business to share with like minded individuals. A place for motivation, inspiration, and creativity.

Joslyn Crowl teaches one-on-one mentoring classes to help you have a better understanding of your camera and photography. She has always had a passion for photography, teaching and helping others grow and capturing life's greatest moments behind the lens.

$175 for 1.5 hours (same days)

$475 for 3 hours (same day)
$950 for 6 hours (same day) Also includes my 6 tabs excel workbook with password log, Cost of doing business calculator and more helpful information
$1500 for 8 hours (same day) Also includes my 6 tabs excel workbook with password log, Cost of doing business calculator and more helpful information. Includes shooting time, workflow, editing in Photoshop and Lightroom for post production.