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Episode 26 – GUEST – Debbie Reichert – Move Forward with the Positivity 

Joslyn Crowl, Owner of Joslyn Crowl Photography, Joslyn Crowl Education for Photographers, Author of The Seventeenth Chapter, and podcast host, offers a weekly podcast. The Podcast is about Photography, Business, Life, and So much more.  These episodes can range from 5 minutes to about 60 minutes. Most average about 60 minutes. So please put in your headphones, hop on a treadmill, work at your desk, run errands, or do whatever task you want, and give us a listen!

While Joslyn is located in Columbus, Ohio, our guests may be all over the world, but you can tune in right where you are and listen on any major platform, our website at www.joslyncrowl.com/podcast, or for video content over on YouTube.!

Each new episode drops every Monday at 5:00 am. Each podcast guest has an inspiring story, helpful information, and different insights or perspectives to help motivate you and inspire you in your life or your business!

Episode 26 – GUEST – Debbie Reichert 

The Health Pyramid is a concept Debbie brought to life by taking three areas which I refer to as The Health Pyramid (fitness, nutrition, and mindset), and putting them together to coach and help women over 40 live their best, most dynamic life. Debbie uses her credentials as a certified fitness trainer and wellness coach to help women stop holding themselves back and move forward each day with positive strength and energy to face all that we are up against daily.

We talk about why mindest, words, and our daily actions are so important in our overall health!

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