Creativity & Vision

In July of 2018, I set out to find the perfect cosmetologist for our in-studio Beauty Salon. I wanted to find a like-minded individual with the same drive, the same willingness to put in the work and determination to be the best boss babe they can be. I wanted an individual that had creativity, a vision, and wanted to make the world around her just as beautiful as she possibly could. When Jess walked into the studio doors for her interview the light that shined within her I knew she would be perfect for pampering our clients and bringing out their inner beauty.

Beautiful & Talented

Not only is she beautiful but talented with nearly a decade of experience in the beauty industry her passion coincides with ours, making everyone around her feel and look beautiful not only on the inside but out. With education and teaching another passion, she started teaching makeup and hair over 4 years ago. Even with glitter and creativity running through her soul she is a self-proclaimed nerd and can get lost in a magical world of sci-fi and fantasy. Her charismatic personality and vibrant spirit she lights up the makeup room in our studio with every session!

She will make you feel beautiful and pampered and photo ready! We are excited to have Jess apart of our experience and her talent used to help make others feel beautiful!

We are glad that Jess is now apart of our team! You can follow her work here

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