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Our gorgeous luxury portrait studio is located in Columbus Ohio. We offer Intimate Portraits, Boudoir, Maternity, Bodyscapes, Professional Headshots, Senior & Contemporary Portraits. 

What We Do

At our studio we help you to fall in love with yourself all over again. Our little details throughout the process will make your experience like no other. A luxury experience because you deserve the best.  

I am beautiful.

At our studio you will walk out feeling empowered, inspired, energized, you will know when you look in the mirror and say- “I am beautiful.”

All of my clients are ordinary people.

They go to work, and school and have families. They may be single. They may be dating, The may be newly divorced or about to be married. Want to find themselves again, or celebrating a milestone an accomplishment or just want to treat themselves or check off a bucket list. So many reasons.

They come to me for a day to feel like a model. They come to get spoiled. 

To feel like a superstar they felt inside before the baby throws up on them for the 12th time.

The moms that worked for months to get back into there pre-baby jeans and want to celebrate it with a photo.

They have spent years climbing the corporate ladder.

They are boss babes, writing books, working overtime.

They are our friends, our sisters, our mothers even.

When you walk through our doors and see your name in lights and sit down in our make up chair. This day is about you, No kid walking in on you going to the bathroom, no dog trying to go out to the bathroom, no phone call, no conference call, no gym time, tan time, no doctors appointment. Its girl time. To chit chat, to talk about whatever we want to talk about.

To say “f*ck I look hot!!” in a judge free space, and laugh and eat chocolate if you want. (Calories don’t count in our studio)

It can be nerve-wracking to get in front of a camera, to spend money on yourself for once, to let someone else do your hair and makeup, but it’s really fun. It is really liberating, and it can really change you.

They come as a client, but they leave as a friend. 

Come to our studio. Meet me, take a look around, flip through the pages of our studio magazine, sit on our couch and tell us about yourself. Consultations are complimentary, and you can book through 2019 and 2020. Give yourself something to look forward too. Give yourself some time to love yourself.


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