2020 Clothing Optional.

Columbus Ohio Boudoir Photographer located near the state’s largest Mall, Polaris.  We have been chosen as one of Ohio’s best- 5 years in a row! We have earned that title by spoiling our clients and giving you photographs that will blow your mind! 

Our full-service luxury studio here in Columbus is just down the street from the Polaris Mall so we are easy to get to! We have so many sets to choose from. Bedroom, a sexy blue couch, backdrops, rain walls, showers, white sheets and so much more. We also have our Salon licenses with the Board of Cosmetology to give you the best makeover before your photoshoot with Jess Jay Beauty

We offer a photoshoot experience like you have never had before. Fully guided sessions, posing any body type at any age to pure perfection. From the hair on the top of your head to the bottom of your toes! We can set up an in-person consultation or a phone consultation with you as well so we can plan your session.

You will walk away feeling on top of the world. Empowered, confident, refreshed, beautiful and loving –you., 

Client Raves

This shot is of the photographer...

She knows what it’s like to be in front of the camera. She’s been obese, she’s been super fit. A size 4 and a size 14 and all the ones in between. She get’s you. She has stories just like you and she wants to photograph you and give you the best photo you have ever seen of yourself. 

You can learn more about her here. 

Our VIP Group

We have a great community of clients, and potential clients interested in following clients stories, specials, events and more over on Facebook! 

Photography Mentoring

We have a great community of other photographers. Ask questions, share, learn and grow.For any level of photography. Not available for clients.