What is boudoir photography?

It is for EVERY WOMEN. Numbers don’t matter, not your age, not your jean size, not what the scale says. 

You don’t need any experience either.



The Experience

Before and After

They are 100%, everyday women. They are wives, mothers, grandmothers, and so much more!

They are nurses, doctors, lawyers, PTA mothers, teachers etc, who have decided to treat themselves to a session.

A Luxury Boudoir Experience with us:

Realizing you are sexy at any age or size.

You are choosing to celebrate your life.

Accepting yourself as you are today.

It’s okay to splurge and live a little and do something for yourself!

Client Raves

#1 5-star reviews in Ohio on Google and Facebook. Each testimonial always pulls at our heartstrings as we love capturing your amazing stories.

Client Raves

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to book a session, but I am nervous!

That is normal! You will have a great time and the nerves go away once you see your images!

I don’t think I look sexy and I don’t know how to pose myself.

We will tell you how to pose, and where to look.

Where do the sessions take place?

Our gorgeous 1250 square foot studio is located off Polaris Parkway in a business center on South Old State. We also offer destination sessions currently anywhere in the USA.

Is hair and makeup application included?

Yes, it is! Our makeup artist is licensed as well as our studio by the Board of Cosmetology with the State of Ohio. The fee is covered in the session fee.

Your Favorite Photographer

I am am a full-time photographer here in Columbus, Ohio. I am currently writing a book and have a Gratitude Journal Publish on Amazon. If I don’t have a camera in my hand or computer at my fingertips I have my toes in the water. Lakes, Rivers, Oceans and even hitting the road for long-distance walking in the rain is where my heart finds peace.