Joslyn Crowl, Photographer & Mentor

It all started when I was a toddler. I was always coloring, drawing, painting and creating. My father gave me a green plastic briefcase that he picked up at a local thrift shop. I filled it with paper, markers, color pencils and crayons. I carried it everywhere. I knew I was going to be an artist and a business owner when I was older.

“They” say, sometimes things take time. They are sure right. I am thankful to say I have not disappointed the little girl I once was. I am an artist- I am a photographer.

Through perseverance, determination, and resilience I am the proud owner of Joslyn Crowl Photography. If you have come looking for someone with a camera that can just take a few photos, you won’t find her here. But if you have come looking for an experience of a lifetime, and someone who has put blood sweat and tears into building her dream, perfecting her craft and puts passion in all the work that she does, look no more, you have found her.

A little backstory on the women behind the camera. She is made of fire because she has walked through it. I will give you the short version as I am saving the long version for my book I am writing.

I was 12 when I started “not feeling well.” I was 25 when I was finally diagnosed with Endometrioses. An extremely painful debilitating disease that affects your reproductive organs. I was 29 when I had an Oophorectomy (the removal of my left ovary) and at a childless 30, a full hysterectomy that saved my life. Having stage 4 endometriosis was life-altering and in the mist of the flight, I had walked away from my dream and set my camera down. The dreams I had slipped away and been just a memory like an old movie I had seen before.

I had started taking photos when I was about 16-17. In fact, I took 9 rolls of film to a week of church camp. They were gone by Thursday. After becoming a senior rep for a local photography studio the love of photography and creating grew. I went on to pursue a degree in Graphic Design and that is where I learned about photo editing and photo manipulation. It became fascinating to me and I would spend hours creating. Photographing things and piecing them together digitally. After graduating in 2002. I had plans to become a designer. I applied and search and my health became worse. I held myself back for many fears and the excuses for my dyslexia. I was my own worst enemy. A true, failure to launch as my health were the bricks around my feet. I took odd unfilling jobs and in 2008 with very little support decided to start my own photography business.

Before the world of social media my business was growing and so was my endo. In 2012 I had to step back and set my camera down because I wasn’t able to walk to my car well, let alone bend to take a photograph. It was then the surgeries started and life was set in motion for a bigger plan, even much bigger plan than I had in mind. I trusted God and made some very hard choices that no women should have to decide and choose to take my life back. In 2013 undergoing a hysterectomy shortly after recovery, I picked up my camera again.

Working full time as an attorney liaison at a large bank for several years, I decided to quit and go work in a photography studio, it was short lived and after 6 months the doors closed and I found myself unemployed and lost yet never feeling so alive. I was fearful, hopeful and broke. With $150 to my name I put it all in the purchase of my website and built my business from nothing, brick by brick.

It took 3 years and a few more surgeries trying to stop me and I was finally able to open the doors to my beautiful studio in Columbus Ohio, just down the street from the Polaris Mall. I still stand in aw that my name is on the front door.

What you get with me is an experience fueled by passion. You get laughter and tears. Build friendships, and I have even built a community in an online group. I have studied my craft, the lighting, the posing, the editing, what it takes to be run a business, and how to be a business owner and provide outstanding customer service. I’ve been preparing and in the making since I was about 5 years old. I have created a safe place for my clients to come and dream with me. To make them feel like they are worthy of the cover of a magazine. To capture our visions and bring them to life printed on a timeless photograph. I have created a place for you to feel glamours and laugh, and regain your power, your confidence, your light. Though my story, I have created a place for me to capture yours.

With over 17 years of experience in graphic design, photography and mentoring other photographers all over the United States. I have been featured in Tiny Prints, As Seen in Columbus 614 Magazine 2017, Business First Columbus, Columbus Stories 2016, Voted one of the Best Maternity Photographers since 2016, View Bug Members Choice award winner 2017, Shoot and Share finalist 2018.

I independently own and operate Joslyn Crowl Photography Studio, on my team; I have two amazing assistants. As a Licenced Beauty Salon with the State of Ohio, I have several licensed cosmetologists that bring even more magic to each session with hair and makeup. I also have an online assistant Alex.

I am an ice cream loving, cupcake eating daydreamer! I love boxing at Title Boxing Club Polaris, I enjoy running, and long walks. With my love of water you can find me often around lakes, rivers, pools, and boats, and from time to time starting out into the ocean with visions of creating even bigger plans running through my mind. I am a dog mother of a furry 15-year-old daughter. I am a daughter, sister, friend and child of God.

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“Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire,
sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon,
must inevitably come to pass.” Paul J. Meyer

We would love to to caputre your story too!

Meet the team

Not only is she beautiful but talented with nearly a decade of experience in the beauty industry her passion coincides with ours, making everyone around her feel and look beautiful not only on the inside but out. With education and teaching another passion, she started teaching makeup and hair over 4 years ago. Even with glitter and creativity running through her soul she is a self-proclaimed nerd and can get lost in a magical world of sci-fi and fantasy.
Her charismatic personality and vibrant spirit she lights up the makeup room in our studio with every session!
Staci and Emily are amazing! They responded to a Facebook post over a year and a half ago asking for assistance, and I kept them both! They are fun and full of life! You may see them around during your sessions. Holding lights, fixing hair etc. They are a great asset to our team and we are grateful for them both!

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In October of 2018, we were chosen as an Amazon Influencer. My love of Amazon prime has made my busy life as a business owner easier. I have created lists that can help clients prepare for a shoot with outfit ideas, health & beauty products that are great, gear for photographers, and products that help motivate entrepreneurs. 

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Joslyn Crowl Photography is located in Columbus Ohio. Just off South Old State 2 miles west of the Polaris Mall. We offer Portraits, Maternity, Senior, Artistic Dance, Mother Daughter, Generations, Boudoir, Headshots, and Family Photography. A twist of contemporary and modern glamour session with images that are timeless.